Network for lifts and equipment

LIFTnet is a software system and network, to which as many lifts, escalators, and technical equipment with new and old systems can be coupled. Third-party controls are integrated using MULTiBUS Coupler.

LIFTnet can be used as a disorder center, as a visualization, diagnostics, maintenance and parametrisation station as well as an extension for our electronic lift attendant.

With LIFTnet you get a tool with whitch you can minimize your access routes to the sites at errors, reduce operating costs and improve the availability, security, and documentation of your lifts.


All LIFTnet software modules run under Windows, which ensures a high hardware independence and a good program management.

The number of accessable lifts or technical equipments is practically unlimited. The connection to the systems are made individually via modem or IP networks. The data transfer can be realised wireless or wired also under sharing existing lines.