SLC4-20 Lift Control

"SLC4" has been synonymous with innovation, reliability, durability, ease-of-use and professional service for more than two decades.

The successor system SLC4-20 continues this tradition for the standard EN81-20. Hardware, software, car and shaft control stations, safety devices, safety circuit, plug-in system panels, LED lighting and light grids were adapted or newly developed over several years.

From a 2-floors single lift to a high-speed 32-floors group of 8 lifts, the SLC4-20 system requires little hardware thanks to virtual in-/outputs, integrated absolute encoder, DCP4, LON bus and self-learning groups.

The SLC4-20 is extraordinarily robust and long-term stable and is optimally suited for reliable lifts in all industrial areas, hospitals, airports, office, residential and public buildings. SLC4-20 knows all the usual to complex control functions, as well as many special functions that you can rely on.